The What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse holds a lot of data. As such, this site was designed to lead you to the information you want as quickly and directly as possible.

If you’re having trouble locating a specific research study, it may well be because the study in question hasn’t been included in What Works. All studies reviewed on the What Works site measure quantitative differences in outcomes between a treated group and at least one comparison group. Studies that use only qualitative methods aren’t reviewed (unless they provide information on implementation fidelity as a companion study to a quantitative evaluation).

An exception is made for process (or implementation) evaluations that are conducted jointly with quantitative studies included in What Works. Process evaluations use qualitative and, in some cases, quantitative methods to look at how an intervention was implemented and its degree of fidelity to the original program design.

You can find more information about What Works study-review criteria on the About page. If you think we’ve missed something, though, and believe a certain study should be included in What Works but currently isn’t, please tell us by clicking here. And if something about the website isn’t functioning correctly—if a link is broken, say—let us know by clicking here.